About Me


I'm Claire.

Married to Witt, a man with a beard and a big heart.

Cooking is a way for me to share and show love, and that's where this blog started many years ago.

I was a newlywed in 2010 and making meals was an adventure, every time I tried something new it was like a celebration.

I still think of cooking as a way to celebrate and it's relaxing to me to pour a glass of wine and toss garlic into simmering onions after a long day of work.

I don't always document my recipes now, because they aren't always new but I use this space to record my life, and cooking will always be a part of it.

Infertility is also a part of my life, something unexpected but through which many blessings and lessons have come my way. Some hard to take but all of which have made me stronger and more aware of the way God works.

We are a foster family, currently getting licensed and my heart is full just thinking of the children who will come into our homes.

We want to adopt and we hope that becomes a part of our foster care story, but we also want to open our home and show a little bit of Jesus' love with a child who needs us.

I like:

Tattoos, on me and other people
Frank Sinatra and Diana Krall
The song Moon River
All Haley Mills movies
Cats, specially Olive and Pepper
Throwing parties
Warm Fuzzies
Getting letters in the mail
Quiet streets


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