Gypsy's One Thousand Gifts

A day contains a thousand gifts.

A list of all the things I am thankful for, big and small, that I record throughout my days with pen and paper. Then I try to remember to list them here so I can always look back.

The book that inspired me.

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Gypsy Slow Down

My Gratitude List:

1) A clean house
2) A few moments alone to read
3) Bright blue shorts
4) Eating outside while the grass is so green
5) Witt's positive attitude
6) Our church family- feeling connected
7) A colorful design on a child's face with face paint
8) The way our church is so open and relevant
9) The bash on the block- the way it humbled me
10) Rose helping me clean
11) Our garden- Witt's green thumb
12) Thinking about our future children
13) My goals- the way the future is different than today
14) The color turquoise
15) Our wedding, how much we've changed since then
16) Red roses from the rose garden
17) The way it feels to run
18) Forgiveness, from people and God
19) My blog and all my recipes
20) Bennett and the way his mind works
21) Agatha Christy books
22) The sunlight on the grass, the colors of green
23) A blanket and a book in the grass and time to read
24) My 24 year old legs that don't require me to exercise every day
25) The noise of the helicopter so loud and throbbing that I heard it before I saw it low over the trees
26) My turquoise cooking pot
27) Homegrown herbs
28) Food magazines
29) Kettle cooked potato chips
30) Truvia!
31) White wine, sangria
32) My mother
33) The office because it gives me a way to save money
34) Giving Bennett funny looks and watching him burst out laughing
35) Clean counters with fresh lemon scent at work
36) Tall glasses of water
37) Little baby pot bellies
38) Having a dish washer at work
39) Picnics at the park
40) Alone time/chores finished
41) Sunshine, blue sky, clouds and breezes
42) That my memories are good, that my skin doesn't crawl
43) That I can learn and change and know this now and not later
44) Working and going outside and not being stuck in a building
45) Carrots slow simmered in homemade pasta sauce
46) The way spicy feels on my tongue
47) Yellow Lilies
48) Water Bottles
49) Looking at my sparkly wedding rings
50) Fans on ceilings
51) No bus stop today
52) Paul Wright
53) Walking home at midnight in Paris, a Matt Kearny song, and feeling lonely but so ok being alone. A bittersweet happy memory
54) Jillian Michaels DVDs
55) New nose ring
56) Getting off early
57) Crisp, fresh, never read magazines in the mail
58) Dark baby blue shorts and grey shirts- color combo
59) That Witt can sleep late today
60) My velour black robe in the morning
61) Avocado for breakfast with lime and salt
62) Cool breeze from the fan
63) Opportunity to read while cartoons play in the background
64) For the last page and the hope of being changed forever
65) For lime in water to refresh me
66) Rice cakes
67) Calm before the storm
68) Sunny mornings, cloudy afternoon, rainy evenings
69) Baking cookies with homemade sprinkles for the kids
70) Little hands rolling dough
71) Middle of the day feeling, work almost over
72) Comfy fitted tees, worn in and soft
73) Bathing suit shopping tonight
74) Summertime cookouts
75) Red lipstick
76) Quiet moments close to going home for the day
77) Art work
78) Caroline says I need to write down I am thankful for them :)
79) New blue "pin-up" bathing suit- who knew one pieces could be so cute?
80) The Bachelorette- guilty pleasure!
81) Stevia yogurt at YoPop
82) Evening with Witt, shopping, hanging out
83) Witt doing the dishes, waking up to a clean kitchen
84) Sleeping until 7:30 on my day off
85) Raw almonds
86) Long mornings at the house
87) Mom and sisters coming over
88) Music in the morning instead of the news
89) Misty on the fields
90) Cherry taste of almonds
91) Dishes done, sinks wiped down, smells clean
92) The anticipation of seeing Lauren this weekend
93) Orange canaries and longing
94) Sore muscles, good feeling
95) Kneading playdough through my hands over and over
96) Bright green color
97) A mystery story I can't figure out
98) Support from sisters
99) Relief flooding veins as worry ceases
100) Trusting God and feeling him carry me
101) Being in love
102) Bennett playing happily at the park despite the clouds and gloomy weather
103) A praise song I like on the radio
104) Bright yellow sweater
105) Retro Disney tapes that I used to listen to entertaining Bennett in the car
106) Little hands that can finally buckle themselves
107) Leftovers waiting for lunch
108) Day almost coming to a close
109) New swimsuit, first day at the pool
110) Sunshine after a cloudy day
111) God's faithfulness, his taking charge
112) Greek place for dinner
113) The quiet of the morning
114) Last day of Bennett's school and my morning duties
115) Freshly painted nails
116) Air Conditioner
117) Homemade pizza tonight
118) A few moments to finally relax
119) Leftover tangy greek for lunch
120) Watching Robin Hood as an adult
121) Day almost coming to close, long weekend ahead
122) Losing friends who weren't good for me- standing up for myself
123) Good standing at work
124) Bright pink toenails
125) Burlap bags, memories of wine festival
126) Homemade truffles rolled in sprinkles
127) Clouds of spun white fluff
128) Small group cookout on sunday
129) Peace as I write my gratitude list
130) Using the cheese technique
131) Colorful, chunky bracelets
132) Day of beautiful nothingness
133) Dark chocolate truffles exploding on my tongue
134) Anticipation of white wine
135) Ela's happy face, adorable chubby fingers
136) Intense longing, happy future
137) Sweet family moments
138) Witt and his white shirt and tan arms
139) My long road, slow beginning
140) Familiar street signs
141) Watching Ela in the pool
142) Time with sisters
143) How much we've saved
144) Anticipation of doing hair
145) Fresh salsa
146) Portofino
147) Texts that make me smile
148) Hint of rain in the air
149) Grace and love
150) Yummy steak with white wine
151) Feeling better
152) Recipes
153) Yellow head bands
154) Sweet time with renewed relationships
155) Red nails
156) A whole year gone by
157) Laughter
158) Rough mornings smoothing out
159) Good lunches
160) Black notebook full of gratitude
161) Jesse show
162) Popcorn, home popped joys
163) Half way done!
165) Warm breeze on cooler June day
166) Grilled Pinapple, salty sweet
167) Mojitos with mint from the yard
168) Good conversation
169) Scalloped cheesy potatoes with new potatoes from the garden!
170) Cabbage from the garden!
171) Table under the tree
172) New paintings on dictionary paper
173) Sweet words from the one you love\
174) Easy work next door
175) A beautiful day to sit outside
176) Sweet dispositions
177) Fresh eyebrows
178) Sun kissed hair
179) Hearts written with pen on chubby arm
180) Carla Anne
181) To LHV
182) Cheerful stories
183) New days
184) Giveaways
185) Week end plans
186) Strong air condition
187) Beauty of Ekplesso
188) Play places
189) Serene quiet, in a cool place
190) Giggle and excitement over ordinary things
191) Dark Chocolate
192) Trees swaying
193) Grilling out tonight
194) The hope of rain in the air
195) Strawberry shortcake trifle
196) Bread pudding with flourless french chocolate cake
197) New parks to explore
198) Excited steps running across fields
199) Sweet mornings in prayer
200) Warm chest to lie on at night
201) Perfect June morning
202) Silver nails
203) Cool air blowing
204) Still wondering
205) Day going by, minute by minute
206) Feeling good about a Monday
207) Pool time early
208) Pretty swimsuits
209) "What if you ran over a deer's foot?"
210) Sleepy memories of soft beds
211) Soft well worn jeans
212) Happy children playing
213) Expectations of shows tonight
214) Not having to work late
215) Going home to my tiny brick house
216) Maybe finding out
217) Back to the basics
218) $11 for a good cry in bed
219) Color on the paintings
220) Nude nails
221) Others words and perspectives
222) Master chef
223) Three months just three months
224) Blue striped sweater
225) Silky smooth shaved legs
226) Clean clothes
227) Absolutely gorgeous weather
228) Good Tuesdays
229) All to ourselves, alone in the breeze
230) Giggles
231) Desperately clutching at gratitude
232) White parakeets with turquoise on their wings
233) Keeping on walking
234) Planning an escape
235) Moose tracks ice cream
236) Red wine
237) Soft rain on morning roof
238) Counting my blessings with a cup of coffee
239) Beautiful flowers lining a hospital room
240) New thrift store clothes
241) Art Projects
242) Turquoise birds
243) White dome birdcage
244) Time with Mom
245) Cook outs
256) Weekend plans
257) Joining the gym
258) Clouds taking shape
259) A walk in the sunshine
260) Summer day
261) Leftover pasta for lunch
262) Sunny day at the pool with a breeze
263) Black halter bathing suit
264) Beautiful sunlight over dew speckled fields
265) Dandelions as gifts
266) Unexpected trails and bridges
267) Last day of just one
268) New shirts, soft and cozy
269) Clean clothes, fresh from the laundry
270) New attitudes
271) Nice spirits in the morning
272) Pink softness
273) Afternoon with just one
274) Quiet like it used to be
275) Shows tonight!
276) Fun time with Witt
277) Sitting down
278) Bubbles floating in the house
279) Smooth pen
280) Homemade clothe bag with flowers
281) Green owl bracelets
282) New stuff on Etsy
283) Fans blowing cool air
284) Butterflies
285) Weekend with the family
286) Gin and tonic with pineapple
287) Stripes on clothes
288) Tall glass of cherry slushy
289) Homemade turquoise playdough
290) Hard rain on a summer afternoon
291) Raindrops fogging up windows
292) Unexpected phone calls
293) Opportunities to serve
294) Cloudy skies
295) Purple bob dylan shirt
296) Whole wheat toast with butter
297) A full stocked fridge
298) Avocados with lime
299) Mornings passing quickly
300) Striped shirts
301) My blue shorts
302) Soft sofas
303) Weekend plans
304) Fall looking onward
305) Everything written out nicely
306) Rifts covered up and forgotten
307) Happy feet running to playground
308) Shelter from the rain
309) God's protection
310) Water bottles
311) Red roses
312) Long tongues touching its nose!
313) Funny convos
314) Phone calls from Witt
315) Sunny day
316) White nail polish
317) Striped shirt 60's styles
318) Never having been through that
319) Praying for a friend
320) Encouraging words
321) Weekend away from town
322) My wedding rings found
323) Leaning and growing
324) Smells fresh like canada
325) Moving on from a phase of life
326) Gorgeous weather in June
327) Feeling like summer might fly by
328) Hope on the wings of a lightening bug
329) Leftover rotis chicken
330) Shade of a gazebo
331) Blue bag with paisley design
332) Writing letters
333) Purple flowers
334) The Bachelorette
335) Snuggling on the sofa
336) Peace in the midst of crazy
337) Spindly leaves from over hanging branches
338) Silver toenails
339) Smooth legs
340) Soft black sweater
341) Red bird perched in brances
342) Children working
343) Productive mornings
344) Fast days going by
345) Curled hair, soft
346) Weekend over safely
347) Car trips completed
348) Watermelon colored shirt
349) Laying down, resting
350) Quiet moments
351) Sweet words
352) Time spent with sisters
353) Restored trust
354) Fushia hair band
355) Good times last night
356) Delicious dinners of sausage grilled
357) Half way done
358) Plans
359) Hair Appointments
360) Honey color
361) Forgiveness
362) June, halfway over
363) Sweet love
364) Chocolate chip muffins
365) Quiet mornings
366) Curled hair, new curling iron
367) Spring Cleaning!
368) Nice time with family
369) Looking ahead to our short get-away
370) Working out
371) Blueberry muffins
372) Vacation stretching out
373) Get-away in the morning
374) Talks with Mom
375) A good future
376) Trusting
377) Country flowered dress
378) Corkscrew curls
379) Tramping the city with my love
380) Meetings with friends
381) Coffee and conversation
382) Jimmy Johns #12
383) Opportunities for new friends
384) Red flower nails
385) Packed up
386) Playing cards
389) Time with friends
390) Homemade pizza
391) Glorious mornings off
392) A whole day with Witt
393) Future plans
394) The way things change
395) Hope
396) Anticipation
397) Fourth of July Festivities
398) Praying together
399) Writing letters
400) Wildflowers
401) Shopping with Friends
402) Great deals
403) Cobalt blue purse
404) Still not knowing for sure
405) Hoping and wishing
406) Oatmeal Face Masks on Little Faces
407) Screams of laughter
408) Old movies
409) The age we live in
410) Getting it done
411) Hitting it off
412) Pineapple and Shrimp
413) Knowing its not the only time
414) New Plans
415) Owls on necklaces
416) Peace peace and more peace
417) Fall just around the corner
418) Place to do laundry
419) Feeding the chickens
420) Dark chocolate melting
421) Curvy handwriting covering a page
422) Learning about someone's life
423) Time to work
424) Flea markets
425) Long green dress
426) New engagements
427) Reconciliation at just the right moment
428) New friendships
429) Holding hands
430) 99 cent books
431) Sitting by a fountain
432) Dreaming of the future
432) Sugar free salt water taffy
433) A box of popcorn
434) Felicity
435) Coffee with truvia
436) Sunshine and rain at the same time
437) Health and life
438) Wooden roses in orange, cream and peach
439) Sharing crafty business
440) Invitations
441) Kettle chips
442) Turkey sandwiches
443) Beautiful planning
444) Butterfly tattoo
445) Shade under the tree
446) This day, cool wind at the park
447) Parc passports
448) Curly wispy blonde hair
449) Chunky bracelets
450) Turquoise
451) People adding me on Etsy
452) Brown sandals
453) Cheesy corn tortilla
454) Beautiful weather
455) Smiles
456) Sweet spirits
457) Cool weather after hot week
458) Hair curled for three days
459) Beautiful flaxen gold
460) Long legs
461) Peace and rest by the pool
462) Tired little body sun bathing
463) Running, pavement under feet
464) Fresh sweet watermelon
465) Shelter with a chair in the shade
466) Fourth of July celebration
467) Cool nails
468) Wonderful vacation
469) Yellow headband
470) Vitamins
471) Making plans
472) Snuggling on a sunday morning
473) Sister in laws
474) Apple Pie
475) Cucumbers from the garden
476) Long weekend
477) Hope
478) Planning a wedding
479) Aloe on sunburned shoulders
480) Purple and red flowers in the yard
481) Lunch after church
482) Rain on the roof while I'm sleeping
483) Guitars and people I've helped
484) Black cats and new friends
485) Stormy skies and comfy couches
486) Water bottles ready to grab
487) Gurgling smile
488) Blue bird cage
489) Loving and getting better at it
490) New books and learning
491) Wedding shopping with Mary
492) Weekend finally
493) Time with friends
494) That much closer to projects being completed
495) Beautiful blue sky against the weeping willow
496) Conversations with my older sister
497) Only 7 more days
498) Garden bounty!
499) Rainy nights
500) I'm halfway there!
501) How this list has changed me
502) Macaroni and cheese
503) Arugula
504) Peppermint Tea
505) Dark Chocolate dipped in Peppermint Tea
506) Clear headed
507) Knowing
508) And waiting!
509) Beaches
510) Couch time
511) Diet limeade slushies
512) Notebook and pens
513) Happy whacks at putt putt
514) Blue teeth
515) How God knows
516) That it's now
517) Cloud and rainy because the sun would just be insulting
518) Hot cup of tea
519) Witt and his compassion
520) That I am at work, no crying
521) God has given me evidence of his plans in the past
522) Comparing the long road before
523) How he has prepared me
524) A glass of wine and a meal
525) Peace only God can give
526) Life and my life and hope
527) My peace I give you
528) Warm and hot and comforting cinnamon
529) Exotic tea
530) Comfort in bible verse
531) Christmas
532) A happy childhood
533) Good memories
534) Love and mercy
535) Blessings
536) Cake in a mug!
537) New knowledge, always learning
538) Children playing
539) Paper scraps look like the Scene river bridge
540) Support of Lauren
541) Time spent with family
542) Fellowship of a common purpose
543) Peace in a quiet morning
544) I'm not alone
545) Sweet grace, not jumping the gun
546) Watching the Olympics
547) Who God is
548) Cloudy days for retrospect
549) Rejoicing in others joy
550) Love in a husbands prayer
551) Triscuits
552) Breezy under the trees
553) Making up
554) Scallops and mushrooms
555) New beginnings
556) Another chance
557) My Wedding
558) Repaired and fresh start
559) Being friends with her
560) Long dresses, soft on my legs
561) A dance all in white
562) Good message
563) Long tan legs
564) A different place
565) SF Moosetracks icecream
566) Sharpie smooth
567) Entertaining trolls
568) Perspective
569) Looking back
570) My blog
571) Family getting back
572) Good hair days
573) Hopeful again
574) Planning it all out
575) Tomato quiche
576) Neon nails
577) Chairs and views
578) New shoes
579) God's will
580) Cold beer and fish and chips
581) Canned tomatoes stored for winter
582) French cafe on a Saturday
583) Blue and pink pens
584) Shiny lipgloss
585) Letters ready to mail
586) Wooden rings and paint
587) Rain soaked pavement
588) New notebooks, fresh and unwritten
589) SF Toffee
590) Packages in the mail to open
591) New fall shoes, brown and leather
592) Finally cooling off
593) Pumpkins, cinnamon, and fall ahead
594) Yellow kitchen, bright and fun
595) New curtains
596) Projects projects projects
597) Friends over
598) Da Vinci's table
599) Coffee in the morning
600) Atlanta next weekend
601) Doing dishes with a breeze from the open window
602) Folding warm laundry with each other
603) Hoops with colorful fabric
604) Empty of people, a quiet pool with just Bennett
605) Late summer showers on the windshield
606) Resting and watching old cartoons
607) Ginger chicken
608) Clean house, peaceful
609) Not having to wait as long this time
610) Bouncy shiny hair
611) Thankfulness
612) Making curtains for the kitchen
613) Floral notebooks, fat and waiting
614) Paige passing the bar!
615) Malbec 3 for $9
616) This comfy couch
617) Drawing tattoos on little arms
618) Elephants and an owl
619) Vacation starting tomorrow
620) Week-end with Lauren
621) Gordon and Violet
622) Hope and joy
623) Bennett and a playmate
624) A day off tomorrow
625) Good weekend
626) Feeling good this week
627) Giving it to him that carries it better
628) Cool air, cloudy day
629) Summer ending
630) Fall coming
631) Chunky sweaters galore
632) Felicity watching
633) Warm coats, fall boots
634) Poka dot toe nails
635) Cheery faces
636) Dreaming and hoping
637) Plans
638) Beautiful blue sky
639) Orange stripes
640) Lovely weather, warm breezes
641) That I can be here
642) Park, rhythm, flow, september
643) Little pink flowers floating in the wind
644) Black and white and colors
645) Purple comfy tee
646) Hand me down bag of clothes
647) Sweet husband and brother in law hanging out
648) Pre-marriage and new class
649) How lucky I am
650) Season finale of Master Chef part 1
651) Day off tomorrow!
652) A short week
653) Yes ma'ams hopefully rubbing off
654) Sweet welcome back
655) Comfy beds and cool pillows
656) Small crowd at a party
657) Raising a glass of champagne
658) Playmates
659) Yoga and pilates
660) Nice skin
661) Woolen and wrapping
662) Christmas and what will it be like
663) Brush strokes of white in a sky
664) The park all to ourselves
665) Talking and knowing where you come from
667) Really good hibachi with ginger sauce
668) I wouldnt want to be anywhere else
669) Skipping it on accident
670) The way God works
671) A new bible study for women
672) Leaves caressed
673) Another fall party?
674) Our trip up north
675) Love and grace
676) Hugs from your kind
677) Sitting and thinking gratitude
678) Goals and plans but taking it slow
679) Learning about how we'll be
680) Salt and tang
681) Another order on Etsy
682) Peace about it
683) How much I like burlington
684) Options if it doesn't work out
685) New tart pan
686) Hunger and eating
687) Brussel sprouts with lemon cream
688) Hair growing
689) Big water bottles
690) My nose ring
691) Sandals and jeans
692) Improvised relationships
693) Coffee with half and half
694) Sugar free ice cream
695) Funny little compliments
696) Days go by
697) A different fall than last year
698) Chick-fil-a sandwiches
699) Little brick house
700) Berts bees lipgloss
701) Strawberry Tarts
702) Snapea crisps
703) Smell of baking
704) Bonfire and roasting hotdogs
705) New friends and Maxi B's cupcakes
706) Catch phrase laughing around the fire
707) It working despite me
708) New bible study, warm wisdom
709) Brown purse, bittersweet giving up
710) Baby Shower, flower balls and planning
711) Hot coffee, sleeping in and waking up to rain
712) Cauliflower "mashed potatoes'
713) Happy weekend
714) World market, Paris glasses
715) Pumpkin soup mix
716) Cool weather!
717) Evening with family
718) A well-organized room
719) Getting it done, throwing things away
720) Tom and Jerry
721) Monday rolling on by
722) Strong nails and hair
723) That I don't have to wear that
724) Less stress, yoga breathing
725) Making pizza
726) A new etsy idea
727) Still working at it
728) Homemade pesto
729) Gorgeous dark and rainy day
730) Fogged up window and drips sliding down
731) Playing nicely in the toy room
732) Tattoos, black and memories
733) Retro Jetsons
734) Yard sales
735) Driving around with Witt
736) Southwest Omelet at the diner
737) Where everyone knows your name
738) Our trip up north
739) Guinness Beer and Ice cream apologies
740) Being forgiven...again
741) Watching What Women Want...memories of Paris, alone in my tiny apartment. Now being here, loved and in my own tiny brick house. Sigh of happiness.
742) Chicken Alfredo and Caeser Salad
743) Rain on my tin roof, lulling me to sleep
744) Thunderstorms and sleeping late
745) Morning to myself, cleaning office with the head phones on
746) Research project DONE, appreciation, sigh of relief
747) Getting paid!
748) New clothes
749) Paint on my new red pants...c'est la vie
750) Waiting again, knowing what it feels like
751) Wine tasting on Sunday
752) Birch box
753) Orange and red starburst rings
754) Plaid shirts on strong shoulders
755) Wet grass under my feet
756) Planning out a new month
757) Just a few more days
758) Typing my way
759) Procrastinating
760) Watching old Cheers reruns
761) For Him knowing what I need before I do
762) Our trip...I cannot wait!
763) Happy feelings
764) New bangs
765) Brown flats
766) Grandma's sweet voices
767) Grey cardigans
768) Gingham tablecloths
769) Looking forward to the future but happy with today
770) Dark lowlights for fall
771) Parties
772) Autumn parties
773) Being young
774) Navy blue shorts and sweaters
775) Packing new clothes
776) Romney winning the debate
777) Nice shaped eyebrows
778) Home sweet home
779) Hotel rooms with hot showers
780) Clean house
781) Making plans
782) Ocean breeze
783) Salty smell in the air
784) Lobster stew
785) Holding hands with my love
786) Warm arms around me in the cold
787) New cities
788) Pictures of where we've been
789) Bonfires
790) Love and happiness
791) Brick streets just rained on
792) Strong jack and diets, warming my throat
793) Fried clams
794) Raw oysters on the half shell
795) Grey sweaters all bundled up
796) My kitchen and a well stocked pantry
797) Still hoping
798) Long roads
799) Good friends to come home to
800) My little brick house
801) The battle I never wanted to fight
802) Red checkered tablecloths
803) Rum and root beer
804) An evening alone, time to think
805) Cheers which cheers me up ha
806) You plucky little soldier you :)
807) Wondering but feeling peaceful about wondering
808) Paper wreaths perfect
809) Fearful but trusting
810) That I do feel accepted
811) Thinking about Charlie
812) Family that jumps right in
813) The way the light hits the top of the orange trees in the evening
814) Friends around a bonfire and apple cider in a warm mug
815) Turning 25 and how this is my favorite part of my life so far
816) Peace and learning about His timing
817) Red Candy Apples
818) Warm black tights
819) Butternut squash
820) Good leftovers for lunch
821) My birthday tomorrow
822) Leftover chicken curry for breakfast
823) Sitting around in my towel watching cheers
824) Resting for once in a while
825) The smell of my pumpkin spice candle mixed with the air through the open windows
826) That about to rain feeling, when the wind gets all antsy and there is a smell in the air
827) A Saturday stretching out with a party tonight
828) Boots and black dresses
829) Mccouls and fish and chips last night
830) Witt doing the dishes
831) The sound of the riding lawnmower outside the window, so familiar
832) The bird pillow and our cozy house
833) A new writing class with Cate and Nan
834) Feathers
835) Jimmy Johns and sitting on a park bench
836) Talking about the future
867) Cameras and taking pictures of the leaves
868) Roses
869) Cooking at home this week
870) Freaks and Geeks
871) Re-reading Anne of Windy Poplars, best book ever
872) Clean house, sitting on the couch, cool breeze outside
873) Loving this weather, sunny and cold
874) Roasted turnips and root veggies
875) Our house of dreams
876) Witt swimming
877) Jillian Michaels new dvd
878) Honey vanilla chamomile tea
879) My cream colored mug with green flowers
880) Sitting on the floor typing
881) Hopeful again
882) The holidays coming up
883) Getting our tree soon
884) Still loving cheers, 275 episodes
885) Sweet bed and pillow
886) New dresses for the holidays
887) Little hippo salt and pepper shakers
888) Bridal showers, celebrating new beginnings
889) Another month, another hope
890) Almost to 1000!
891) Witt and his swimming shoulders
892) Working out, loving the new dvd
893) Vintage James Bond, remembering the from my childhood
894) Sweet kisses
895) Black tights and cotton sweaters
896) No hard feelings
897) Invitations, photos
898) Plush robes, silky pajamas
899) Coral nail polish
900)  Six months, not too long
901) Surviving it
902) Working out
903) Day all to myself
904) Veggie and barley soup
905) Turquoise and gold vase
906) Clean kitchen
907) Friends coming to their senses
908) Apple cinnamon scents
909) Winter wonderland
910) Grasping at home, clinging desperately
911) Chocolate peanut butter babies
912) Piper's little face
913) Ela and her long curls
914) Hopeful again, keep trying
915) Thinking about Christmas next year
916) Getting our tree
917) Steam from a mug of tea
918) Achy bones but no sore throat
919) Praying hard
920) A day on the couch
921) Safe Travels
922) Good time with friends
923) Mocha Cheesecake
924) Jack and Diet
925) Wreaths on the door
926) Pink Carnations
927) Bridesmaid dresses
928) Shiny invitations
929) Crisp, cold air, seeing my breath
930) Apple Cinnamon Tea
931) Christmas lights
932) Tree up and twinkling
933) Time with stories of days gone by
934) It gets easier
935) New class at church
936) Love at Christmas
937) Comfy tees with long sleeves
938) Clean house, a new week
939) My notebook
940) My comfy old lady loafers
941) My day planner
942) Things coming in the mail
943) Packages
944) Red bows
945) Quick afternoons
946) Day off tomorrow
947) Quiet little kids music
948) Parties to plan
949) Warm boots
950) Purple turtlenecks
951) Supportive husbands
952) Fairly flexible schedule
953) warm cozy house
954) Cupcake Sav
955) Blue castle, new favorite book
956) Valancy
957) How I'm ok...again...month after month
958) How everything happens for a reason
959) Job story, why it happened
960) Finding advil in the bottom of my purse
961) Learning lessons of trust
962) Iced coffee with vanilla and cinnamon
963) Time with mom, cate and nan
964) Christmas time is here
965) Important message in bible study
966) Praying and faith
967) He Is Enough
968) Green sweater
969) Comfy new jeans
970) Holiday party
971) Time to think
972) Twilight hour
973) Happy relationships
974) Holiday plans
975) New haircuts
976) Friends
977) Adorable cupcake liners
978) A bad day and then a good day
979) Getting back in the Christmas spirit
980) Writing out our expenses...using my math brain for once
981) A sweet service
982) Peppermint vodka
983) Watching Alias with Witt
984) New shower curtains
985) My snow globes turning out
986) Christmas parties and good friends
987) Christmas gifts and weekend tea parties
988) Exciting plans
989) An old house and ten acres
990) Change
991) Going out in a sparkly dress
992) Sweet babies faces, always hoping
993) Fresh starts, new beginnings
994) Happy Memories
995) Everything happening for a reason
996) Marriage
997) Someone stronger than me
998) Never giving up
999) Being prayed for everyday
1000) 2013
1001) Dominoes and Old dresses
1002) Almost over
1003) Missed dreams, better
ones ahead
1004) Red coffee table
1005) Candles
1006) Sleeping in
1007) A good run
1008) Parties and Sundays
1009) Clean house at work
1010) Pink
1011) Quicker day
1012) Godly leadership
1013) Juicy pears
1014) Running again
1015) Comfy red sweater
1016) Making the cookies perfectly
1017) Ready for the party
1018) Greek chicken homemade
1019) Cooking every night this week
1020) Selfless Love
1021) Olive and Pepper
1022) Calming collars working wonders
1023) Soft fur rubbing against my ankles
1024) The Emily books
1025) Red nails
1026) White fuzzy bathrobe
1027) Sister best friends
1028) Witt surprising me with new wood burning kit
1029) Devotions together
1030) Glorious January day of sunshine
1031) Day off to get things done
1032) Cat love in the morning
1033) Pink ribbon
1034) Dark days of winter waning
1035) Alliterations
1036) Guest posts
1037) Simplifying
1038) Grey silky
1039) Height
1040) Always a fresh start
1041) Scripture
1042) Sofas and laptops
1043) Smiles and laughter
1044) The dark months, finally ending
1045) Positive changes
1046) Making it happen
1047) Deep breaths
1048) Pale blue polish
1049) A maybe house
1050) Figuring out what I need
1051) Fresh scary starts
1052) Seeking again and praying again
1053) sunshine and swingsets
1054) greek food
1055) jillian mIchaels again
1056) weekend
1057) alpha on sunday
1058) rum and diet
1059) cuddly kitties
1060) blue skies
1061) small hugs
1062) new gap jeans
1063) Wine festival
1064) packages
1065) pink carnations
1065) orange roses
1066) snuggly kitties
1067) candles in mason jars
1068) cozy house and heat
1069) good nights sleep
1070) getting it all done
1071) warm blow dryer
1072) broccoli chedder soup
1073) brown boots
1074) dark jeans
1075) night to myself
1076) love and words
1077) Lent
1078) New windchimes
1079) Homemade pizza with pineapple and canadian bacon
1080) pepper feeling better
1081) New orange ring
1082) naming a star
1083) this being the last sunday in feb
1084) spring around the corner
1085) endless possibilities
1086) no poo hair
1087) time with family
1088) wedding time
1089) half marathon in may
1090) black skinny jeans
1091) trying
1092) searching and looking
1093) the hunt
1094) leftover pizza
1095) antique jewelry
1096) soft grey hoodies
1097) a good run
1098) good talks
1099) roasted cabbage
1100) rain falling down
1101) water bottles
1102) tanning
1103) sunrise red and pink
1104) last class!
1105) cats love
1106) a good dinner at the table
1107) green tablecloth
1108) wildflowers
1109) sunshine again
1110) almost sspring! 
1111) an offer on a house
1112) all those cabinets!
1113) wishing
1114) someday
1115) leftover salmon
1116) Soft blanket on the couch and my bible
1117) Dreamy afternoon with rain 
1118) Convicting words this morning
1119) not giving up
1120) knowing my path
1121) Gods voice
1122) Peppermint tea
1123) Warm mug surround my fingers
1124) peace. just peace.
1125) not running anymore
1126) hoping to physically run soon
1127) hearing what I needed to hear
1128) joyful expectation
1129) could it be my time now
1130) learning and changing
1131) not being conditional
1132) a projector
1133) Jane of lantern hill
1134) sunny day
1135) friends and dinner on the patio
1136) orange bag
1137) snuggles and hells kitchen
1138) being real
1139) plans and weddings
1140) crisp and new
1141) fun doing the cara box
1142) white shorts
1143) boyfriend jeans
1144) trip to atl soon
1145) charting
1146) four years
1147) reading Z
1148) clean house to work in
1149) time with Grandad
1150) being close by
1151) being able to help
1152) sunshine and cooler weather
1153) a good nights sleep
1154) a pink scarf
1155) family
1156) chamomile tea and dark chocolate
1157) watching Fraser
1158) another painting
1159) a day to relax
1160) weekends and no plans
1161) the color mint
1162) memories of loved ones
1163) olive's sweet little self this morning
1164) healthy cats
1165) long lasting white and pink flowers
1166) a cool spring
1167) hoping again
1168) anticipation and being strong
1169) dark blue shirt
1170) his grace carries
1171) the support of an older sister
1172) looking forward to our trip coming up
1173) writing the truth
1174) even when it's scary
1175) being free
1176) good night's sleep
1177) healthy body
1178) losing five pounds!
1179) accepting and liking my body even with those five pounds'
1180) Witt's love and support
1181) Hoping, don't stop believing
1182) Hair bands around my head
1183) Good leftovers for lunch
1184) Bennett occupied on the computer
1185) the way meaning sometimes pops up out of nowhere
1186) learning daily
1187) So grateful for the freedom from the bonds
1188) Thankful for the rest in the waiting
1189) Last minute things for the wedding
1190) stripes
1191) wanting to follow through
1192) feeling grace and not worrying
1193) always the hope just the plain no strings attached hope
1194) cara box shopping
1195) that the struggles will make me Iinteresting
1196) That they will make me stronger?
1197) not why me? But what now?
1198) juicy red strawberries with stevia
1199) stopping fomo and breathing in the moment
1200) our trip
1201) good relationships
1202) clean house finally
1203) organizing my craft stuff
1204) strawberries and cream for breakfast
1205) this book, reminding me
1206) a lovely dinner party with m and g w
1207) our trip this wweekend
1208) 3 years of us
1209) this time of waiting for a baby - 1 year
1210) grapes for breakfast
1211) a new start a fresh start
1212) a weekend with no obligations
1213) blt pasta
saving money
1215) the joy my blog gives me
the excitement of the future
1217) the aAmerican girl books
1218) planning fun projects
1219) cloudy day and summer thunderstorms
1220) I refuse to feel the loss of one thing
1221) that which I refuse to thank Christ for I refuse to believe he can redeem
1222) peony tattoos
1223) thank you for the waiting game
1224) I am stronger
1225) I see the world differently
1226) I offer a fresh perspective because of it
1227) I am learning
1228) I believe he will redeem
1229) the future moments being even sweeter
1230) deeper feelings
1231) knowing what it feels like
1232) we have had a fairy tale
1233) only a few
1234) pink pens
1235) cool day and maybe getting off early
1236) opportunities to grow
1237) for the sorrow
1238) making it much better
1239) for sleeping late
1240) for a day off
1241) for a new tattoo possibility
1242) for witt being home early
1243) master chef tonight
1244) grilling out
1245) roses in a brown vase
1246) clean no need pick up
1247) the gnawing pain that lessons
1248) black cigarette pants
1249) lauren and our emails
1250) feeling free again
1251) taking a break
1252) the summer
1253) master chef
1254) cute houses
1255) possibilities on the horizon
1256) funny people
1257) time with mom and nan
1258) selling the penguin shakers
1259) homemade pizza
1260) apologizing
1261) witt buying my favorite wine
1262) friday
1263) time to have devotions
1264) waffles
1265) a day for us tomorrow
1266) mailing things at the post office
1267) praying and peace
1268) finding etsy money
1269) drawing and designing
1270) honesty
1271) evenings at home
1272) cool summer days, a miracle
1273) hards words i need to hear
1274) new tattoos
1275) swim wear ordered
1276) his loving me the way i am
1277) new sleeveless shirts
1278) red lipstick
1279) a balance
1280) family ties
1281) third season of master chef
1282) having the same taste
1283) mailing cards
1284) we all struggle differently
1285) talks on the dock with mom
1286) feeling it than letting it go
1287) clean house kids llemonade stand
1288) blank day planner
1289)  different than last year
1290)   being ok with that
1292) suits show
1293)  .sparkly shirts
1294)  the deer tick concert
1295) loving him
1296)  happiness at night
1297) olive
1298) pepper waking me up eevery korning
1299) cara box tonight
Atlanta  this weekend
1301) my life
1302) This Season
1303) living with my best friend
1304) cheerwine in the console
1305) day off
1306) pim burger
1307) walking around
1308) contentment
1309) happy to be here
1310) wood burning
1311) olive and pepper in bed with me in the morning
1312) day off to shop and do laundry
1313) the tea cup exchange
1314) Witt and I talking on the couch
1315) running again
1316) feet against pavement
1317) my old ipod
1318) decorating grandma davis' christmas tree
1319) moments of clarity
1320) black dress swinging
1321) weekend of christmas trees
1322) rose gold nail polish
1323) valentines day
1324) oysters
1325) champagne
1326) snow days
1327) mascara
1328) valentines banners
1329) new paris phone case
1330) rose wine on the lawn
1331) Cate here all weekend
1332) Olive curled up by my side in the early morning
1333) new babies and new houses for our friends
1334) sitting by the pool at twilight with white wine
1335) watching movies and eating chocolate cookies with my sister
1336) sunflowers from the farmers marker
1337) my bright pink lilies coming back
1338) countless episodes of fraiser
1339) my hair up
1340) my blonde streak
1341) church friends
1342) compliments on my hospitality
1343) a chance to read psalms
1344) being alone
1345) soft grey shirts
1346) festivals and friends
1347) goat cheese with balsamic honey glaze
1348) silence
1349) july 4th pina coladas
1350) trashy celeb mags
1351) drinking champagne and grilling
1352) kabobs
1353) boxes and hope
1354) waiting to move
1355) zillow and trulia
1356) lunch on the lawn
1357) five years
1358) sunshine
1359) coffee
1360) fireworks
1361) my sunflowers came back
1362) red hair
1363) poker night
1364) maidentrip
1365) new magazins
1366) blue castle by l.m montgomery
1367) a clean house


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