Tuesday, July 10, 2018

You Call It My Victory

It's July, how can that be?

The past few days have been cooler and wonderful and with that the knowledge that it won't be long before the stifling, hot days of summer are gone and with it October.

October has always been my favorite month.

I love fall, I love the crispness and colors of October, the holidays coming up and of course my birthday.

This October brings our next court date and what to me at times seems like the inevitable pull of our baby further and further from us.

There's not much to be said about this except that God still reigns and there is no way this will go in our favor without a Divine intervention, if things continue the way they are.

So I'm praying and I trust Him.

I don't understand this system except that there are courts and parental rights and protocols and it all seems very very far from the actual well being of the child.

Isn't life unjust sometimes or maybe nearly all the time?

But I have the greatest defender, more powerful than any judge or lawyer.

And He goes before I know, that He's even gone to win my war.

I live and breathe that song often, when all this seems like too much to take.

Sweet baby, we love you. We are all fighting for you, even if it's just being still and letting Him go before.

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