Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Foster Care | We Are Licensed

Written December 11th

I'm sitting here eating leftover oven fries from last night (which I may have sprinkled cheese on) while my new 9 year old friend watches Goosebumps in the sunroom. A show I find incredibly creepy but when someone is just staying for the weekend, and you are a stranger, you don't try to change them or their TV show tastes. You just want them to feel comfortable.

On Monday our foster care application worker came to the house and brought our new ongoing worker to meet us. We sat around the table in the dining room to talk about our application, that was sent off just a few weeks ago. We were fully expecting not to hear anything until January or February but our worker dropped a bomb shell when she told us, "Your license was sent back."

My heart sank. What didn't they like? Was it Witt's bees in the backyard...that we built a fence around...? Was it....what could it be??

Then she said, "Sent back approved!"

We were so surprised, as were they, that it had been processed so quickly. And on that note, she asked if we would be willing to do respite care this weekend.

During the week as we were setting up the respite care, our worker called me at work. She wanted to conference Witt in, so after I finally figured out how to add someone to a call she told us about another placement, one that could be more long term.

It seems like just a second ago I thought we were looking at February and now we were talking about maybe having kids for Christmas and New Years, and a new school year.

It could be that last weekend was our last as two people for a long time.


As my friend at work says, who was a foster mom, this process is a roller coaster. One minute you are up and the next you are down. So things can change.

But as of now, the process has OFFICIALLY started.

The long application process is over.

We have almost survived a whole weekend of respite care. We went bowling, to a Christmas parade, made copious amounts of apple cider and popcorn and have gotten to know a really really sweet kid who I will miss when we drop him off tonight.

And the future is being planned and I am so ready- ready to fall in love, for the hurts and troubles, for the known and the unknown.


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