Saturday, November 5, 2016


This October, my favorite month of the year, went by at a slow pace and yet I can't believe it's November...

The weather stayed warm, the leaves waited until now to change. Every Saturday we were cooped up in our foster care classes.

In between I had a birthday and Witt did too.

Witt's family celebrated us with a lovely dinner and champagne the weekend of our birthdays and then next week, when our classes are finally, finally over, we are going to the beach to walk around in the sand, eat some good seafood and hopefully sleep past 5:30am.

I turned 29 and it feels right to mention it, since it's my last year in my twenties.

Gypsy Slow Down

Birthday Selfie

I can't believe my 20's are almost over. If you had asked me at different points what I would be doing at 29 the answers would vary.

At times I thought I'd have a big career and still be single (this was probably during my teenage-no-boyfriend-desperate years ha).

In college I wanted to be a political speech writer and live in DC.

Then my dream was to have a big family and homeschool.
I honestly thought I'd be a stay at home mom by now, spending my days doing science experiments and going to the park.

Instead I work for the government and I am going to be a totally different kind of mom.

A mother to children who may only need me for a little while, who will need not just bandaids on scrapes but a mom to help undue the scrapes and bruises of life and trauma.

Instead of science experiments, for now I'll fill out forms and pick up my kids from after school care.

There will still be the park and I will still be a mom. Just a different kind for a while.

I'm thankful God chose to write my story differently than I would have.

  I'm humbled he picked this path for me.

And I'm excited about 29...

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