Saturday, September 10, 2016

Foster Care | The Journey Begins

"A child is always worth the process and more valuable than the costs"


As my brush touched the first stroke on the wall this song came on.

"Just know you're not alone, cause I'm gonna to make this place your home..."

That's my sweet promise to our future foster children, 
however long they are with us.




What a summer (!!)

 Some highlights:


A big crop of honey! (can you say crop?) from Witt's bees.
Just some of the jars above which they sold at the Company Shops.


It was fun having Cate and Gabe in town from Kansas with my niece Ayelee.

For the 3rd summer we had fun going most Saturday's to the outdoor concert in Saxapahaw.

My family joined us one night when the Griffins were here.

We had to take Ayelee's clothes off it was so hot out there! 
We all wished we could join in but we aren't babies so we had to keep our clothes on.


The best garden produce this year was okra. Literally tons and tons. My favorite way was to roast it at 400 with some olive oil and tomatoes. 

Fried okra is always delicious.


My skinny cocktail repertoire continues to grow. 

Here a fresh mint and agave mojito. 


It has been so much fun getting the kids room ready and the nursery for our foster kids. 


We had our first home study this week.

It went really well. I love our caseworker and she loved our house and neighborhood. 

We are knee deep in paperwork, every time I turn around its another document I have to find, but I don't mind that part at all. 

Excited to start classes in October and even more excited to start on our foster to adopt journey. 

Some of my favorite posts about foster care are here:

And this one. As well as this.

This book  has been so eye opening for us and helped me feel more confident about our future in this journey. 

Working with kids from troubled backgrounds is a whole other set of skills but with love and patience I know we can make a difference in their lives. 

Looking forward to fall....


....for so many reasons. 

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