Thursday, February 11, 2016


Last weekend I went to IFgathering.

It had been an incredibly busy week and I had an overwhelming feeling of tiredness. My brain flew the coup and somehow I woke up Friday morning realizing my family was coming to stay with me and I'd changed the sheets in the guest room but I hadn't been to the store. We ended up ordering Mexican to go that night and after talking to them I think were all feeling a little out of sorts from the week before and I was thinking it would be nice to stay in...

But I'm so glad I went.

 I had no idea what a powerful group of women would be teaching and how much deeper it would go than just encouragement. How the common theme in so many of the beautiful women teaching was pain and how God had brought them new life.

How strong the words of the bible would leap up and pierce my heart- words I've heard a thousand times before.

Gypsy Slow Down

It was refreshing to know that I'm not alone in my struggles.

It helps to see other women share how there is peace and joy in trusting Him. In believing, when it feels unbelievable. In leaving our problems with him--- to actually leave. To let them go.

To believe Him if we don't get want we want. To desire Him even if we don't receive what we desire.

Racism, Human trafficking, Loss, Community, Outreach. The most important call of our lives- to make disciples. So many topics that are so needed- so important today.

Bianca Olthoff was one of my favorite speakers, but Ann Voscamp was there too. Remember my one thousand gifts? 

Gypsy Slow Down

My biggest take-way: I was freed of a lot of bitterness.

I'd been feeling so resentful about other pregnant people- even people on TV. (lolz). I literally said hateful things about a local news anchor who was expecting her first child (not kidding). I've been so hurt with how unfair it seemed for others to have kids and not me.

And I just supernaturally left that at the well, like the woman in the bible. My jar was getting way too heavy and Jesus said- leave it with me. So I did.

It's a journey to leave it every day, but just to realize that in acceptance we receive peace, as E.E says.

I accept that this is my journey.

I accept that God may not answer my prayer right away--or ever.

I accept that He is who He says He is and I trust that he sees the bigger picture,

I accept that my identity is in so much more than whether I have children.

I accept.

And the peace flows over me.

Bitterness keeps you cooped up in a smothering cocoon. Leaving that behind feels so free.


There's more I'd love to unpack from the conference but I'll leave it at that for now.

And I just have to share-  to whoever- some wonderful talks on promises, not from the conference but that I've been listening to lately.

Longing Part 1

Part 2

No Formulas

No Situation is Hopeless

Also- I've been revamping my make-up----getting rid of the toxins and I finally found an organic make-up I love! I'm not one to skimp on make-up, I can barely check the mail without wearing any, but this is right up there with pricier ones- sans chemicals.

Just ordered this diffuser necklace on Etsy- obsessively checking the mail so I can slather on some Joy and have it last and last.

And I love this quote.

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