Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Greatest Adventure

Life Lately has been lots of working, lots of family, lots of changes and a lot of fun.

Summer is not my favorite season but this one has flown by and been filled to the brim and I can say it's been a good one.

I was thinking about last summer and how miserable it was to me.
And yet, here I am a year later. I survived and I couldn't be more grateful with how things turned out.

Gypsy Slow Down

Super fun trip to Atlanta this summer

God always lets me view my life through a tiny opening like the end of a paper towel roll when you are a kid and it's your telescope.

Still having TONS of fun living at Hillside; fixing up, adding new furniture, skating down the hardwood halls in my socks still amazed that this is my house. I haven't actually done that....

Gypsy Slow Down

 Ironing all my cloth napkins

I'm so thankful for my job. Big parts of me always wanted a career but in college I lacked the ability to nail anything down. I don't regret the detours I took- my time in Paris, my time as a nanny, my time at the restaurant and the other little jobs I've done to get by.
But I'm really enjoying the government work I'm doing and I've been talking to women I admire in my field who tell me I can go far. And I'm mapping it out.

It feels really good to bring home half the bacon.
Some days when yet another person is pregnant or when I get that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when I see a little baby in a Dad's arms I know that longing will always be there- to show up at the oddest times; a scene in a movie, a song on the radio, a comment from "a well-meaning" person. But God is filling me with contentment and I know now, more than ever, that when the time is right the time will be right. I've thrown my hands in the air and for the time being I'm just being. It feels good.

Gypsy Slow Down

 New artwork for above the mantel

It just felt necessary to put into words what a difference a year makes.

 It has gone by so quickly and I felt the need to check in with this old place; where my newlywed self posted picture after picture of the meals she made for the first time, where I recorded some of the scariest truths about what I was going through to the entire internet and where our life has been documented- sometimes more often than others.

Gypsy Slow Down

Trying on my dress the week before

In thoughts for another post entirely my baby sister got married last weekend. I was writing her toast while she was asleep on my couch before we went to the rehearsal dinner (the rest of the family out decorating and setting up the reception site).

 And I started crying. 

Gypsy Slow Down

The beautiful bride

I remembered the Wednesdays I had off at my old job and the times I would get together with my Mom- she would come to the little brick house or I would go there. Cate and Nan always came too. We did writing classes together, got frozen yogurt together, shopped for violins together, dragged the two of them through countless trips to Hobby Lobby together....
...and now Cate is in Kansas and Nan has the edge of the world at her feet about to jump at any moment.
It is so bittersweet- like a final chapter has really closed for good....
...but what lies on the other side? That is the greatest adventure.
Gyps Slow Down

All the sisters

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