Monday, May 4, 2015

Trust without Borders

Gypsy Slow Down

One of my favorite things to do on these warm nights is to grill. Witt doesn't love it, so it's become my domain and I love the heat and the char when you flip, the great sear you can get on almost anything. The way that smoky flavor permeates and manages to bring out both the sweet and the dusky flavor of the food.

I've been on a sort of a cleanse, a healthier diet for a few weeks now. I've been very much not interested in diets of any kind for a while now but that was good for me. Sometime's we have to let go of things that have a hold on us, and I did for several years, on and off.

But my life did a 360 last year into this year and I got a very very fresh start.

Beautiful big windows not only looking out into my own space, my own backyard, but into a life that has been so sweet and wonderful I've been a little bit afraid. How could it be this good.

I've been so thankful to be a family of just two, to get to explore this adventure of being homeowners and being a working woman, trying to find balance together. It's drawn us closer and made us thankful. Thankful for the quiet nights, the fun outings and the time to live just us.

While all these new things were happening around me, it felt like a good time to give myself a fresh start too. So I've been following an eating plan that has always worked for me and gotten back into running, something that always makes me feel great.

It's been challenging but good so far.

Saturday I got up at 6:00 am and went running. I hit the road, and had the best run, while noticing the sun nestling into the tops of the trees, the dew still clinging to the air and the peace of being one of the few out and about.

It's finding the balance, easy to see in moments like that, when I'm challenging myself or being quiet. I'm realizing that working the long hours I am is a lot and trying to find ways to make that doable and good for us.

I've been using my breaks at work to read this book, while I play jazz on the computer from CD's I borrowed from my mom and it's been so good, simple but walking through scriptures that are really showing me new things about trusting God, something I think I've always struggled with. I found it through this article.

One thing in this book that I underlined was about grace.

"When the trails blow hard against the soul, there are sufficient funds to stand strong, to persevere and to get back up. This is the grace oriented life. 

Grace was never meant to be simply defined. It was meant to be drawn down upon. And what if we really lived like this?"

I like that. Grace is not just a word, it's not something I have to strive for myself, something I have to create in me by trying to have have grace, for others and myself. It's already there.

He has it, and it's there for me to take, to lean on, to use, when I need it most. I can trust that, I can trust Him.


I made a delicious marinade the other night for the shrimp. I've found that since I'm usually making dinner right when I get home I like to baste the food on the grill instead of doing a long marinade in the fridge, because I always forget to start that ahead of time. It creates a sort of delicious and flavorful seal on the food, keeping in all the juices and letting the heat sear the flavor in. I brushed the shrimp with this a few times during cooking and it was sweet and spicy and very good.

Sweet and Spicy Asian Shrimp

1/2 cup soy sauce
1 tablespoon sesame oil
juice of a lime
1 tablespoon agave
2 teaspoons sirachi
5 tablespoons fresh grated ginger
1/2 cup olive oil
2 garlic cloves, minced

Combine and brush over shrimp while grilling. I also added some orange juice to some of the marinade and made a dressing with arugula.


Post coming soon with the beautiful shower on Saturday for my sister ~

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