Monday, February 2, 2015

Short Hair Don't Care

Gypsy Slow Down

Sunday was my Mom's birthday. We had a little gathering, just the family, and it was a wonderful time of celebrating my amazing mom. 

I made the best beef and burgundy burgers from here. The recipe was really good, and Witt finally agreed to move my grill up to the top of the back porch which makes it so much easier at parties. I can grill and look in the sun room windows and see everyone hanging out, run in and sip some wine and not forget about what's on the grill in the meantime.

If you follow what they tell you to in the recipe, press the burger down in the middle like a doughnut, it makes the most evenly cooked, moist burgers ever. I've heard of that and never done it but my excellent husband put the meat together and followed the recipe to a T (maybe I should try that sometime...), and they turned out delicious.

Gypsy Slow Down

It's sometimes cliche what people say about their mothers. Supportive. Loving. Kind. Fun. My mother is all that and also one of my best friends. I appreciate how she always accepts me for the person I am. I cherish the times we get to spend together. 

I'll end this post with this tasty wine I found at our local health food store and that we had at the party. 
It cracked me up and so of course I bought it.

Gypsy Slow Down

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