Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Time I Put On My Blue Dress

Gypsy Slow Down

Technology free me is back for a little bit. What a week this has been. What a summer. Yesterday I felt particularly unsorted so I went upstairs, laid on the bed and looked at Pepper who was stretched out as if the whole world belonged to him. I considered how nice it would be to be a cat for just a little bit. For one thing Pepper sleeps 85% of the day and if he's not sleeping he's eating- so that sounds like a win to me.

 Yet as I've learned, when God takes things away he replaces it with the strength to move right on along. 

So I got up, put on my favorite dark blue dress and heels and went to a nearby hiring agency. I applied for a job I really want and today got a call about another job to whom they will send my resume (that sentence doesn't seem right but I think I'll leave it). 

Pepper also watches TV.

Gypsy Slow Down

Getting that call today was encouraging. 

And somehow standing in front of someone, even if it's just an agency, feels so much better than blindly applying for jobs online, hoping they like my pinterest-design inspired resume all the while knowing if they could just see how professional I can look they would hire me on the spot (just kidding).

Gypsy Slow Down

Some mint we bundled for a friend who made lovely mojitos when we went over to their house for dinner. 

In other new news....we are signing a contract on another house (!!) 


I posted this on Instagram because it's how I feel about that right now. 

The house is perfect, really beautiful and quaint and I hope it works out. But we still have a lot of hoops to jump through so meanwhile I'm not closing in too tightly. 

But I'll just say it has a beautiful sunroom, backporch, overhang in the backyard, HUGE backyard, 2 bathrooms, dining room (didn't have that on the other!!) a lot of wonderful big windows and a red door. 

Gypsy Slow Down

We had friends over for dinner on Sunday and I made this salad which was so good with tomatoes from the Farmer's Market and put them in little parmesan bowls.

Parmesan bowls are so easy and delicious and will impress anyone who doesn't need to know it's only one ingredient. I love to make them and then break apart for croutons. 

But it's really fun to use them like this as vessels for salad, dip or whatever. I first saw this in a Suzanne Somer's cookbook, I think it was Eat Great, Lose Weight.

Parmesan Bowls

1 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese (fresh is a must, you cannot substitute the kind in a can here because it won't melt. I grate my cheese on the larger grate which helps to make sturdier bowls).

Cooking spray

Spray cooking spray in a non-stick pan (I haven't had luck trying this in any other kind of pan, it stuck too badly to my stainless steel pan so I think non-stick is a must). Spread the cheese out evenly and on medium heat let cook until golden but with some white cheese on the top layer. Gently slide spatula underneath and when all the cheese is free, flip over. Cook the other side for about a minute. Slide onto a glass or bowl or whatever shape you are choosing and with a clean kitchen towel (because it will be hot) press the cheese gently onto the shape. Let cook and the remove. Viola!

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