Monday, June 23, 2014

Taking Back My Summer

I've been racking my brain today trying to come up with something to look forward to this summer. The thing is, my house is mostly packed up and my house of dreams is not to be yet.

I say 'yet' because as about 200 people have kindly and lovingly told me there is an even better house out there for me.

 It's true.

But it's also like when you are trying to get pregnant and everyone talks about "God's Timing" and while perfectly legitimate sometimes on a bad day you want to irrationally punch them in the face.

It's the kind of thing I would say and then find it hard to believe when it's happening to me.

I do find it hard to believe lately.

There are many reasons to be grateful our contract fell through the way it did. Because it was the sellers fault we can go after our money.

There were more issues with the house than we thought before the inspection.

So it's a good thing we didn't close and a really bad thing at the same time because I'd been planning my life in that house for a month.

Gypsy Slow Down

I'm a little bit in limbo. Applying for jobs after work while staring at boxes. Wondering why when I prayed desperately for change I didnt specify really good change.

Knowing its all going to get much much better soon but still finding it hard to shake the heaviness in my chest and my spirit right now.

There has got to be some major adjusting in my soul for this to be a good summer and I haven't been able to get there yet.

I'm grateful that everything is ok and as Witt has said many times lately, its all going to be ok. I know. But I'm done with ok. I want it to be great.

And that's something I have to make happen myself.

So while we are still saving money, house hunting, praying-

I'm going to start something called...10 Dates of Summer.

Gypsy Slow Down

Every weekend for the next two months we will do something interesting that we either love or have never done before. Some will be purely fun. Some community service related. Most if not all will be very inexpensive.

So far on the list I have a beer tasting in Durham, concert at the farmer's market in Saxapahaw, going to the Zoo for the first time in forever, handing out school supplies with our church and much more.

 I'll post them here so I can look back and see that it all turned around.

I'm taking back my summer. So take that "ok".

It's going to be great!

Gypsy Slow Down

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