Friday, May 23, 2014

House of Dreams

I'm without a camera now which makes blogging not as easy 

and life has just been barreling on by 

but something has happened that just makes it impossible 

not to put in this little space...

We bought a house (!!)

Gypsy Slow Down

I am so in love.

It's an adorable fixer upper with a new kitchen and a gorgeous family room upstairs with a perfect nook for a craft room with the most adorable round window and so many more rooms it just amazes me to think of having all that space.

A spare room!

A living room!

A laundry room!

Three bathrooms!

No more clearing away my make-up and hair products whenever guests come over. No more navigating around the cats paraphernalia to take a shower and get ready in the morning.

No more picking up Witt's trail of clothes to the shower and taking them upstairs
 (let's be honest, that will probably continue...)

Gypsy Slow Down

And a huge yard perfect for outdoor parties and a garden and bees 

and it's right by a beautiful park with a creek

and close to downtown in a lovely neighborhood full of pretty older houses. 

I feel so lucky.

Gypsy Slow Down

Gypsy Slow Down

We plan to close June 20th and be out of The Little Brick House by July 1st. 

I'm more excited than sad to leave right now.

But as I pack up and think about all the memories 
we've had here waves of sadness sweep over me to think of going away.

It is truly bittersweet.

But still incredibly sweet!

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