Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Sad Day For Gypsy

Have you ever had a week where everything went wrong? And I don't mean horrible things like death or sickness but little things that just make you want to take a bath with a cosmopolitan. I did neither of those last things but if you've seen my blog today you can see why I might want to.

ALL of my images before my last post are gone. ZIP.

 Everyone may know this but I did not know that if I wanted to free up space on google-plus I would be freeing all the images from this blog away to never never land. 

I deleted a lot of photos in google-plus not knowing that picasso and google-plus are one in the same and I unknowingly deleted the host of my images. I thought they were in two different places. I also deleted all my phone photos by deleting google plus. Google and I are no longer friends at all.

Apparently others have done the same thing according to my web searches and I think all of us should get together and cry on each other's shoulders. Three years of photos. It makes me want to alternately punch a bag of rocks and sob and eat pudding. 

So bear with me while I try to find all the pictures and re-upload them in these next few weeks. On two computers. Unless someone has a miracle for me or a way to get them back (the google+ trash has been emptied)!

New posts will continue as usual and I'm thankful it's just my photos, but I do feel sad about all my older posts without pictures. 

"Loss is nothing but change, and change is Nature's delight," -Marcus Aurelius

Gypsy Slow Down will make it. 

Gypsy Slow Down

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