Friday, October 18, 2013

A Cup of Tea

Gypsy Slow Down

 My earlier memories of tea involve a box of different flavors sitting in the brown hoosier cabinet in Canada; spicy cinnamon, earl grey and tangy lemon.

Memories of my Mom and my four sisters and I putting the large green kettle on, the one we used to heat the water to pour over the dishes in the sink, at the lake. It would be nighttime and my Dad wouldn't be there, because he often left us up for a month at a time to go home to work, sandwiching us in with a week at the lake at the beginning and a week at the end. My mom loved the lake. She loved the quiet and at night I can remember what it was like to sit around the kitchen and living area, in chairs and on the sofa, with our tea bags steeping in the different themed mugs; one with a moose, one brought up from the states with my dad's work logo.

My mom would put a book on tape into the tape player and we would lay around and listen, Chronicles of Narnia, with the voices and the drama, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, parts of which I didn't understand but which made my Mom cry. Then we would dim the lights, the last dregs of lemon zinger gone, dim the kerosene and then later the real lights and we would go to bed.

Gypsy Slow Down

A while later when I met Witt and when I explored his kitchen I found that all he had was a single bottle of mustard in his fridge and a box of kraft macaroni, which is typical bachelor. But I also found a whole stash of tea in boxes lined up in a row in the cabinet and one bone china tea cup with gold and bronze flowers that looked like something King Edward would have drank from.

We sometimes drank tea and he especially drank it in the winter out of that tea cup and I would tease him because he has big burly hands and where did he even get that tea cup? But I liked that about him.

Gypsy Slow Down

My favorite tea is chamomile. When I drink it now sometimes the memories are not so sweet. Because the most recent stand out moments of tea in my life were when I was trying to have a baby. Instead of pouring myself a glass of wine while cooking dinner I would steep a cup of tea, anxiously reading the label to see if it was safe for pregnancy.

There was a lot of hope in that tea. But it was always back to square one and I'd put the tea away because I didn't want to drink it anymore, because nothing about it was making sense.

Gypsy Slow Down

Today is the perfect day for a cup of tea. I'm off early and it's very quiet in the little brick house and the sun is silently streaming in through the blinds which the cats are peeking out of and it's October so just getting cool. I'll steep some chamomile because it's still my favorite and because I have a new tea cup, cause for celebration. Today I'm drinking tea because I like it and because I'm happy.

There will be many moments, many more memories and like life they will be sweet and bittersweet. Today is sweet and today I want to slow down and take a sip, because you can't drink it fast. Because life is good.

Gypsy Slow Down

The reason I have a new tea cup is because I participated in The Tea Cup Exchange over at The Enchanted Rose!

I am in love with my pretty tea cup and the sweet pattern on it. My tea cup was given to me by Linda, at Just Simply Linda. Thank you, Linda!

I sent a cup to Kati at Kati's Corner, I loved the little bird.

The tea cup exchange is so much fun. I can't wait to participate again next time and build my collection.

What is your favorite tea to drink?

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