Tuesday, May 7, 2013

These Years

Gypsy Slow Down

These last few weeks leading up to my sister's wedding have been busy and every weekend has been just a little bit insane. Insane describes how I felt Sunday after getting home from spending the night at my parent's where Lauren and I gave a super cute lingerie shower for the bride and I spent the night in my old bedroom, drove an hour home that morning and cleaned the office before we went back for my sister's graduation and graduation party. I worked all week and Friday night I worked until 11:30pm and Witt and I hadn't really seen each other all weekend and I was exhausted and I remember sitting on the bathroom floor in the office crying because I was tired and we were fighting about nothing. When you are an introvert and you have zero time to recharge and you've been around people even ones you like and you've small talked at parties, you know how it feels. 

Like you'd give anything to sit on a beach with no one else around for miles. And it's hard for other people to understand, people who get their energy from being around people and doing doing doing. I'm just not like that.

Gypsy Slow Down

And on the way to the graduation Witt and I had a talk and it was good.
We are always the yes people. And I like that. I want to help and throw parties and be available and celebrate with the people I love. I want to be the one that people know they can depend on. I want to be involved and there and support and have fun. And lately the wedding is a priority and I want it to be. I want to spend time with my family during all these important moments and I've enjoyed all the wedding projects and especially the time I've spent with Mary before her big day. And seeing my precious nieces and spending time with Lauren while she is here. And seeing my sister graduate from high school. All that is really good.

But that with all the other times?

I can't remember when we had a weekend with just us; where we were home at the same time doing the same things. And just because we don't have kids yet, doesn't mean we aren't a family. And we need to take time for our family. We don't always need to host and be there and make dishes and come to everything with family and extended family and church and friends and even our small group. Just because we live close to everyone doesn't mean we have to be everywhere. And I've known this and believed this but there is always "something." Always something that's unavoidable and just this one thing that we can't miss.

But we will just have to miss sometimes.

Gypsy Slow Down

So there. I'm a little scared to write that because finding balance is hard and sometimes painful and it involves possibly disappointing people that you love. I've said it all before but it's putting it into practice that's a little more difficult.

So we finally finally got a nice grill with a bonus that Witt got at work! She went on her maiden voyage last night which is why there are photos of hamburgers sprinkled throughout this post. While I had fun working on my Mother's Day gifts, Witt made fries and fired up the grill.
I want to write and show pictures of the champagne tasting and lingerie shower and a flan recipe but while I edit those photos I thought I'd share these.

I hope you are eating outside these Spring days! And do you find it hard to fight the busy and find that balance?

Gypsy Slow Down

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