Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Grandfather

Gypsy Slow Down

A little while ago I wrote this post because my grandfather was sick in the hospital and I wanted to share a little bit about him.

He passed away on Wednesday.
 It still feels surreal that I will go over to the house on Pineburr Road and he will not be there, coming up the stairs, glad to see me. When I came back from Paris I was living at home and commuting to school 45 minutes away and working at a restaurant near the school at night. I had time in between my classes so I would go over to my grandparents and work on homework and eat dinner with them until my shift. I remember every time I called and asked if I could come over my grandfather would say, yes Claire, come on over. I always felt like he wanted to see me.

After we were married Witt and I would go over for dinner fairly regularly and Witt would often do odd jobs around their house. Afterwards my grandad and Witt would sit on the sofa and talk up a storm about everything from gardens to my grandfather's childhood while my grandmother and I got dinner together. I am so thankful they got to spend time together. My grandfather loved Witt.

After the funeral on Saturday we went back to my grandparent's house and I peeked into his small office. There was a painting he was working on of flowers, hydrangeas, beautiful blue and white ones always grew in their back yard. It made me sad to think that he will never finish it. He always encouraged my art. One day in the future I might ask my grandmother if I can finish the painting, it might not be as good as if he had, but a collaboration between us.  

My dad spoke at the funeral and it was such a beautiful tribute to my grandfather. He talked about my grandfather's love for his family and how he sacrificed for them and always believed in them. He told wonderful stories about my grandfather growing up. At the end he mentioned how my grandad could never pray at holidays, he was so glad we were all together that he would tear up. My dad closed his speech with this, which made us all cry:

"And for that reason we each look forward to that great day when we will be united with him and all of his family at the great banquet in heaven.
But most likely at that banquet, dad still won’t be able to say the blessing."

I will miss him.

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