Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May Cara Box

Cara Box

I loved this months Cara Box theme. I got the most amazing box last month but that theme had me a little stumped when picking out my gifts. This month it was regional so you picked things to send to your partner that are about your state or area. So much fun. I was paired up with Jasmine and Bekah

I had a great time picking out some good ole' North Carolina things for Bekah from Maryland. Head over to check it out. I had a great time getting to know Bekah who is super fun and has a great blog!

Jasmine is from Chicago, a city that I like a lot. It was fun to chat with her and read up on her great beauty tips and she sent me a wonderful box!

I loved reading how everything was about Chicago and I am super excited to try the tea. I love the grind up pepper shaker! And the nail stuff is right up my ally. LOVE the polish color!! There was a giant mouse cat toy that was so fun, it is seriously almost as big as Olive. Pepper played with it but Olive sat and stared at for an hour, like she was waiting for it to move. I think she thought it was alive. It was so funny.

These photos aren't the best but I'm a day late linking up so wanted to get it on in there :)

Thank you Jasmine!

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