Friday, April 26, 2013

And no one will take your joy from you

Gypsy Slow Down

I walked around outside Monday night wanting to take some pictures of spring and the sky slowly got darker and the wind got colder. But the weeping willow is once again in all it's loveliness and there are pink trees here and purples trees there and a mix of beauty and darkness seems fitting right now.

I'm here, supposed to be in Atlanta for our family girls trip, but I came down with something yesterday and so I'm drinking hot tea this weekend instead of margaritas.
In a small way, even though I really wanted to go, I am thankful for a weekend of quiet in the midst of all these weekends being so full. Last weekend was no exception.

My two younger sisters went to prom and I got to do their hair and make-up. They looked so fabulous! I loved my candy apple green prom dress with the lace up back but let me tell you, they out-shined anyone I have ever seen go to prom. Cate's boyfriend Gabe was obviously one lucky guy when he picked them up to meet their group. 

Gypsy Slow Down

Gypsy Slow Down

Gypsy Slow Down

It took me two tries but I thought Cate's hair looked very Billie Holiday. My parents took more amazing pictures but my phone photos are all I've got.

In other events, the gluten-free cookbook I made for my sister is now available for purchase on Blurb!

Witt will get his bees in May and so I made this bee keeper sign for him. He liked it so much I put one on Etsy with a few other wood burned signs.
I really like wood burning. There is something satisfying about making a deep mark on a piece of natural wood and the smell is like a sweet and spicy bonfire.

With the warm weather, I have a lot of time at work to browse the internet on my phone while I'm watching the kids play outside and I've come across a few good posts recently. 

I love this post about finding your free place with your weight. A really good post about acceptance. Something we all need.

I also like this post. I read a lot about how we need to be "real" with our blogs and I hear people complaining that other's pictures are too perfect and their lives look too perfect but I don't really agree. I want to remember the good times and the struggles. There is nothing wrong with celebrating life. I think she sums it up well.

And while I'm browsing, I read a lot of marriage blogs and blogs for women. And sometimes the endless debates make me tired. I like what she says here.

Gypsy Slow Down

Sunday we spent the afternoon with my grandfather in the hospital and Tuesday night I drove from work to see him again for a little bit.
It was really good to be with him. He seemed at peace. It's just a matter of time now.
At one point he woke up suddenly, and it was just me and Witt and Cate and Nan and Mary in the room and he said, "Well, ya'll are awfully quiet. Want to watch some TV?"

And so we turned on the TV and flipped through to find something he wanted to watch, which was baseball, and I thought of how growing up spending the night at their house was something we looked forward to so much.
 My parents didn't want us to have a TV growing up and so waking up on Saturday morning at my grandparents was a huge treat.
We would eat our eggo waffles and watch the morning cartoons.
My Grandad would be outside in the garden tending his tomatoes and vegetables and he would come inside for breakfast and say the blessing. I think I have his prayer memorized;

"Lord, make us thankful for these and all other blessings. Amen."


At night we would watch a movie and sit on the floor beside the couch and he would scratch our heads.

He had been a member of a singing Quartet which I always thought was neat.
One year he tried to teach me how to play the clarinet. If you've ever heard a clarinet being played the wrong way you know that his patience was a virtue. I think we only lasted a few months. He blamed it on the clarinet, not me.

I got my artistic talent from him. He paints beautifully.

My Grandad could never pray when we were all together at holidays because he would tear up. Everyone being there meant so much to him.
And the other day, the nurse at the hospital said he needed to charge tickets for how many of his family were coming in and out of his hospital room.
We still want to be there.

Gypsy Slow Down

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