Monday, February 25, 2013

No Poo Update

What is my life lately. I wanted to give you an update on no poo the next morning because I woke up with super soft and shiny hair. What?? But then I thought, maybe it's a coincidence. 

And then my window of opportunity closed and I have not stopped since I don't know when. I don't like the busy where everything is crammed and I'm stressed and I throw high heels at Witt in a raging panic because we're tired and yelling and about to go lead a pre-marriage class (irony) and the house is a mess and in the midst of it the cats poop on the carpet because I switched up their litter and apparently the little divas prefer the more expensive kind (and if one cat poops in the corner I guess the other is like hey good idea) and I'm reminded of how often I've cleaned up poop at work and I just want to run away through a field of wildflowers....

Gypsy Slow Down

 I love what we are doing at church, leading the alpha pre-marriage classes and the simple decorating and the family stuff and the friend stuff but its all crammed in with the working and cleaning and I need to call my sister back and get coffee with a friend and there's errands and oil changes and its all clutched so tightly in the week's and day's fist that I feel like a piece of paper and when you let go of me I'm all crumpled and useless.

And then we sit back at the class and let our friends do the hosting and we play the music while the couples whisper in the candlelight and Witt rubs my shoulders.

 And one of the engaged guys stops me and thanks me for the decorating and the brownies and the class. And I'm reminded of gratitude. And how in this crazy life that's what it's all about

But I'm still going to be simplifying my days a bit I think. 

And still going to be no pooing!

Say hello to my cheesy bad phone photos:

Gypsy Slow Down

You can see the texture of my hair though, the day after and it's pretty good! I straightened it but it wasn't straw like at all. I washed it again 3 days later and the next morning it was shiny and brighter again. Really not that dry either. Whattttt. 

I used a little bit of argan oil on the ends and I'm using my new boar bristle brush (this helps the oils distribute to the ends of your hair) and I will just say I'm loving this no poo thing. My hair just feels better and looks shiny which is always a plus. My argan oil smells good so I don't wonder if my hair smells like whatever non shampooed hair would smell like. 

 I can now officially say you should try it! 

Cheesy phone photo #3

This is a week later. I washed my hair no poo style last night and this is with no straightening and it being in a bun all day and I just got back from running-so it's a tad frizzy but it doesn't feel dry. 

Gypsy Slow Down

Some tips from my experience so far:

No poo takes a little bit more time in the shower. I can't just dump a glob of shampoo on my head and scrunch scrunch and rinse. It takes a little bit of time to massage it in and make sure you get your roots good. Basically its like a scalp massage but scalp massages feel great so I see no problem there.

I use a lot of apple cider vinegar. I lift up my strands to get the hair underneath, too. I'm not sure if this is why I haven't had straw like hair but it is a good conditioner and helps make my hair shiny. I use 100% organic apple cider vinegar, because I think it does make a difference for it to be the real deal.

I only brush my hair when it's dry with the bristle brush to avoid breakage. It really smooths down my hair and gets the oils to the ends.

Happy No Pooing!

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