Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Blue Bottle Diaries

 Cate's blog. 

These pictures she took of the lake cottage where I spent my childhood summers are amazing. They make me feel grateful for tranquility, wherever we can find it. 

 Another salmon dish, this was so so good. I actually just made the red wine butter and then poached the salmon stove top in the sauce. Delicious!

 The Bachelor. I know, its a silly show. Wrong on many levels. Desperate pretty people. Whatever. I'm enjoying it. And an interesting tidbit I observed this season? Most of the girls appear to have some meat on their bones. And by that I mean most of them look healthy and not like they starved themselves. It's refreshing.

 We are starting up the pre-marriage class at our church again, this time with our friends Kristin and Jonathan alongside. I had a lot of fun leading the class last year.  It's fun for the couples, like taking a five week quiz together while eating dessert and watching a DVD. Witt and I took the marriage course a few years ago and even though I felt like we were doing fine in our marriage we learned a lot about our communication styles. We basically want to kill each other when we fight. Neither of us hides our feelings or buries emotions to keep the peace. So we learned how to listen.
The alpha marriage courses are really good.

Gypsy Slow Down

 I am excited because we are adding an interview with a married couple at the end of each session. We're hoping to snag some of the older couples in our church who have been married, like forever. How fun to hear their stories and advice.

 It has been such a busy January already, right after the busy holidays. I am hoping to get away next weekend to somewhere close by for just two wonderful days. I want to visit some museums, drive through the country, walk some small city streets, crash in the hotel and sleep late

-just relax.

We might get four inches of snow tonight! Might. It's North Carolina so of course all my kid's after school activities were already canceled. They're from Minnesota, so they don't understand this.
Bless their hearts.

Happy Friday tomorrow!

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