Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Congrats Dr. Hull

Last weekend we went to Atlanta to celebrate my brother in law, Jered, who just graduated from Chiropractic school. It seems crazy that he is in this moment right now, it feels like yesterday that Witt and I were dating and it was like, three more years until Jered finishes school. And then we got married, Lauren had Ela, another one is on the way and boom, Jered is a chiropractor. I am proud of him and of Lauren for working so hard while he was in school. She's pretty awesome and deserves the life she has now, staying at home with Ela and the baby on the way. No one has worked harder to get where they are today than Lauren. And also, congrats to Dr. Hull!!

The proud wife.

Mom and I always have fun.

Photographer Cate.

I love this cake. We had a last minute run to Kroger the night of the party. We were supposed to go to Publix (if you aren't from GA and don't know those grocery stores, we don't have them in NC either!), and we went to the bakery counter expecting to grab a large sheet cake and have them scrawl Congrats on top. Well, Koger needs at least 24 hours which we didn't have so the only thing available was a discarded "Under the Sea" cake that someone never picked up. After much debating, Victoria, the awesome lady behind the counter, offered to put a cap and scroll on the sea creatures and write in our message. In the end I think the cake we got was the very best!

The next morning we got ready to celebrate Father's Day. 

Ela is not a morning person, and this could be one reason I love her even more than ever.

Dressed and had her coffee so ready to not be an ogre. Oh wait, that was me.

I never knew I could love a freakin niece so much!

Pretty table for Father's Day.

Delicious scallops in cream sauce, mushrooms, mussels and caeser salad.

Celebrating our Dad and Jered.

Dr. Hull!

Thankful for my Dad, a true family man. There's a reason I married someone so much like him.

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