Monday, May 14, 2012

Change Your Mind

Gypsy Slow Down

It's raining and I like summer rain, the way it sounds, the way it makes me want to curl up and read or do something crafty. But it feels so much like a Monday, like the rest of the week is there in front of me, like a path, each day a box, each box after the other. And I wish that I could re-arrange the boxes and put Friday right after Monday but I can't. In a way I can't help thinking that the summer is going to feel the same way, except that there are a lot of boxes in front of me and I wonder how I will get through each one and not want it to be over already. 

This year I have been thinking about new perspectives and I like what the quote says, reality is really just in your mind. (Never mind that I found the quote on Etsy. It's still legit). One perspective I have been thinking about is forgiveness. I have such a strong sense of justice but I am learning that forgiveness doesn't mean you give up on justice, it means that you leave the justice up to God. I am so good at holding on to grudges and wallowing in my own mind and thinking that if I forgive someone I am letting them get away with it. Grace. Grace. Grace. Some people are so good at it and others, like me, have to turn a switch off in our minds. No more hanging on. I want to be less opinionated and more passionate about people. I want to focus less on myself and more on peace and giving people a break. I want this summer to be filled with impressions and pretty footprints that I left behind so that I will have been the one who gave and gave. Mostly though, I don't want to rush the summer away and bring on what's next. But if it does go by quickly I am not complaining. 

So this summer I am excited about hot juicy homegrown tomatoes and basil and mozzarella salads and going to the pool with the kids and cookouts with our new small group and brand new friends and blackberries in the field and strawberry mint cocktails and date nights outside with Witt and my hair growing long again and finding out what Lauren's new baby will be and the first leaf that will fall before I know it.

Life is good!

Gypsy Slow Down

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