Monday, February 27, 2012

Astrud and Adele

Gypsy Slow Down

Oh Monday. You are not my best friend. Today I need breakfast, and not half a cashew as I'm running out the door. I have been relying on eggs lately, since I made a resolution to actually eat breakfast every day. I like having some protein. Boiled eggs are easy but I can only eat so many boiled eggs. Also, if you run out of time and stuff a few in a baggie, then in your purse to eat at work, your purse won't smell so lovely. And the dog at work will try to get in your purse so that you have to pretend not to notice and suspiciously keep moving your purse around the room. This morning though, my eggs were from my Mom's chickens, her new project. A big difference! Better taste, creamier and so delicious. 

I wish I could borrow Astrud and Adele. Maybe we'll get some chickens. They could live in the bathroom.

New stuff up on my Etsy! 

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