Monday, November 21, 2011

Soul Food...Literally

There are so many things I have been wanting to blog about but alas, there has been no time. I thought I could sit down for a moment but now I'm distracted by the fascinating project Witt is working on. He is turning a bottle into a drinking glass.

Gypsy Slow Down

This past week I was sitting down with Witt (this has nothing to do with the glass making, we've moved on here) talking about how much of an emotional roller coaster I'd been on lately and how I have been extremely anxious, depressed and always on the verge of tears. We were talking about how maybe I should talk to someone, like, a therapist, (which scared me to death for some reason). I began writing down my feelings or  "symptoms" and then suddenly it all began to look very, very familiar.

Inability to handle stress
Mood Changes
Light headedness
Panic Attacks
Social Anxiety
Leg Aches

...Yes I found out I am a hypoglycemic. Only I knew it before and somehow forgot. So, like I have before, I re-read this book and went back to the way they suggest eating.

It didn't really mean I had to cut out a whole lot, since I have stayed off sugar, but there were some big things I did have to give up again. And it also meant I had to actually start eating. When you have low blood sugar, your main goal in life is to keep your blood sugar from dropping. So I have to avoid foods that give me a quick spike because my body can't stabilize them. And I have to be eating every two hours, small little snacks, to keep it stable.

I don't like to eat every two hours! I like that I can skip breakfast and not eat lunch unless I'm hungry because dinner is the only meal I really care about...but I don't like not knowing what it feels like to feel normal.

So I have began to pack snacks of celery sticks, nuts, cheese sticks, ect, and for the past week and a half I have been religiously eating and feeling a lot better. Caffeine and alcohol only every once in a while.

No more morning cup of coffee and glass of wine when I get off work. Instead it's ginger tea and cheese and crackers. But if there is a point to my sharing this, it is as follows..

...It is so worth it!

Gypsy Slow Down

When everything seems like it's a lot harder than it should be, it's time for a wake-up call. For me, this lifestyle works. And it's worth sticking to. Check out my page and the book, pretty much the only one I know about hypoglycemia. What we eat really does have a huge affect on not only our physical health but also our emotional health, yet there isn't a whole lot of info out there on the latter. But considering that other food conditions like gluten-intolerance are really being talked about, I'm hoping that hypoglycemia will one day be well-known, too.

If you have read this far I want to leave you with this yummy recipe I made the other night that I saw in Bon Appetit. It is so easy and fresh and filling.

Leeks and Pasta with Kale


1 large bunch kale, stems removed
1 leek, chopped
Olive Oil
Juice from 2 lemons
1/3 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese, plus some for garnish
2 garlic cloves
Whole wheat spaghetti, cooked
Salt and Pepper

Saute leeks and garlic in olive oil until leeks are soft. Add kale and saute until soft, about 15 minutes or so. Toss pasta with kale and leeks, lemon juice, parmesan, a splash of olive oil and salt and pepper. Garnish with extra parmesan.

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