Friday, November 4, 2011


Gypsy Slow Down

I am not a morning person. My alarm song is a classical music piece which I thought would be peaceful to wake up to, but now when I hear it accidentally during the day I feel nauseous, like I need to run away and go lie down in bed. But, as part of my efforts to make some changes (about which I really appreciate the encouragement, I wanted to delete that post when I put it up!) Witt and I have decided to get up during the week at....5am. 5AM! One hour earlier than we normally have to get up. That way we can spend some time reading the bible, straightening up, cooking breakfast and it will hopefully give some meaning to the start of the day.

     This is so much easier said than done. The only saving grace for me is daylight savings time. This is when we are starting, so that we won't even reset our internal clocks or something scientific like that. I know to some this may seem like no big deal, like good grief, I've had the cows milked by then, but to me it will be a struggle. But I guess nothing worth doing is easy (eating chocolate is easy, so I don't believe that 100%). I'm excited about the cooking part though, because I rarely eat breakfast. It's all I can do to drink coffee and keep my eyes open long enough to put on eyeliner. But now there will be more time for a breakfast beside an apple in the car.

    One of my favorite breakfast dishes is an easy dish that my mom and I used to make growing up called Southwestern Eggs in a Pan. It's sausage and salsa and cheesey eggs and if you have it, mushrooms and peppers. It's delicious and fresh with the salsa but warm and spicy with the sausage and cheese. There is a recipe that I got from a Suzanne Somer's book but basically you saute ground sausage with some diced onions, drain and then add equal amounts salsa and sour cream (about 1/2 to a cup each), stirring it all around. Here is where you could add sauteed mushrooms and peppers but you don't have to. Then you make little holes in the pan and crack an egg in each hole. Put the lid on your pan and let the eggs cook to the desired doneness. Then sprinkle some chedder cheese on top and let melt. Serve!
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