Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I turned 24 on the 24th

My birthday has come and gone. We celebrated with our family over the weekend and then on my birthday Witt took me to Liberty Oak in downtown Greensboro. I like going downtown because it reminds me of when we were dating. On our second date it was summertime. We made up our own bar crawl, stopping at different places and sitting outside to have a beer late into the night, I guess because we didn't want to stop talking. On our six month anniversary we ate inside Liberty Oak and I had fried oysters and Witt had steak and frites and it was so good. We haven't been back since so remembering the oysters we went on my birthday. I figured it would be nice and slow, being a Monday and not a holiday and really nothing but a weekday and the first of the week at that. We didn't count on furniture market which is happening now and the place was hopping with people in suits and many of them with accents...aannndd they were out of oysters. But we had mussels with cream, steak and frites and salmon and it was still delicious. More delicious than my meal tonight but tonight was still good. Witt went out with his friend Dave, so when I got off work I made myself sausage and onions and peppers with spicy mustard kale. Charlie had a can of cat food and then we chilled on the couch.

Gypsy Slow Down

Easy, just onions and peppers sauteed until soft with some sliced polish sausage browned in the onions. In a separate pan I sauteed the kale in spicy mustard and olive oil and then steamed it until it was soft. I made it in my new dutch oven. I had seen this one in the store and loved it because it's my favorite color and then Witt surprised me by bringing it home and dubbing it "one of my birthday presents" a week before. I think it should be against the law to delegate presents in advance. But because it's so pretty and it was so thoughtful of the old guy (he turns 29 today!) I will accept it as one of my own.

Gypsy Slow Down

All pots should be so lovely.

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