Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We have added on to the family, the first baby. I am super excited to introduce you to the little one...


Gypsy Slow Down

I found him at the Animal Shelter in Haw River. There were a lot of beautiful kittens but Ernest was the loudest. I picked him up and he was overjoyed. Then I tried to put him back in his cage and I have some battle scars. But to his relief he didn't get left there long and soon we were in the car on our way to his new house. A tip for those who are toting around cats, and being that those people are probably smarter than me anyway, bring a box or a carrier. Ernest did not enjoy the drive nor was he content to sit in a seat, but spent most of the time exploring my head and trying to crawl down my back. Towards the end though he was purring and nuzzling my face, so I knew we were friends. Now he is running around the little brick house with all the speed he can muster, as though he has finally found freedom and will give it up at no cost. He did not care to sit still to be cuddled or have his picture taken, though when he discovered the cord attached to the camera the new game was to try and eat it.

Gypsy Slow Down

His full name is Ernest Hemingway. It's a mouthful for such a small ball of fur but he's already trying to live up to it.
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