Monday, February 28, 2011

New Things and Sausage

When you think life is settling down and becoming routine, beware. Cart wheels and twirls and turns that leave you upside down right on your head. May I have some normalcy please? And I'll take it with a side of stability.

   Strangely, in the middle of it all, I feel a little bit of peace. This is after I've succumbed to turmoil and anxiety and, maybe, one too many gin and tonics. But no it doesn't help. When I gave it to the one who has much more power than me, and didn't take it back, I let go of all of that too. So this week it's putting in my notice and taking back up the unknown future, a good new job for Witt, and a black ensemble with memories of a dear man I only knew for a short amount of time. Witt's grandfather passed away this weekend and though it's hard to feel like I belong in the midst of everyone's loss, I live with the man who inherited his acceptance and his name. When I met grandfather Witt, he told me he loved me already. And while I'm quick to judge, my Witt is quick to give people the benefit of the doubt. So he left good things in his legacy, including my sweet mother-in-law, whom I love.

    When everything calms down I have great plans for food, still always in the back of my mind. Until then, you must check out my mother's adventures making sausage. I tried the finished product and it was delicious! 

The Gracious Gourmand
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