Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Grilled Lasagna Sandwiches

I used to hate leftovers, I'm not going to lie. However, for some reason when I'm the one that cooked them it seems ok (I know, I'm a snob). Maybe because I know how long everything has been sitting in the fridge. It's not that I don't trust my mom, but I know she stretched the truth to me about the "creation" date of some stew once. I know the stew was fine, and I know my Mom just wanted me to eat it, but I didn't trust leftovers after that. As of right now, I apologize to her for my scrunched up nose every time I asked that annoying food age question when lunch came around. I doubt that was very endearing. I embrace leftovers now and wish I'd taken advantage of my mom's wisdom growing up. I probably missed out on a lot of good lunches.

       However much leftovers are liked, sometimes it's nice to spruce them up a bit. Witt made me this sandwich the other day after lasagna a night or two later. Since lasagna is great with a slice of buttered bread, combining the two makes sense. Just slice up the lasagna thinly and place between two slices of bread and cook in a frying pan with a little butter. Serve it piping hot with some sauce to dip.

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