Monday, February 14, 2011

Cafe Europa

Valentine's Day is what it is, personally I think it's a good excuse to get flowers. I don't enjoy going out on  Valentine's Day however. I've been scarred from working in the resteraunt, where Valentine's Night was dreaded with the same intensity of an oral presentation or tooth pulling (Ok, by me at least. I'm sure the owner enjoyed the business). The hoards of couples, and the occasional annouying we-hate-valentines-day group, pouring through the doors and demanding tables on the busiest night of the year is not a pleasent memory. Not only do you become inevitably over booked in the weeks leading up to the night, but people seem to feel they have something to prove to their date and are quite unpleasant when presented with a fifteen minute wait on their reservation. They don't know it, but it really isn't my fault that the couple before them has been playing footsies under the table for the past half hour when we thought they'd be up and on their way (Hopefully to get a room). There are also the flowers. Thousands of flowers being delivered to the restaurant with the expectation of having them on the table and waiting for the reservation they belong to. With about a five minute turn on each table, actually executing this with ease and grace is difficult. More than once did I give Jessica flowers that were for Felicity, resulting in Brad looking bad, Felicity without flowers and Jessica wondering what Brad's problem is.

Gypsy Slow Down

So we celebrated yesterday. It was another rare beautiful day and we were walking around downtown  Greensboro in the afternoon with the intention of sitting outside somewhere and maybe having a beer. Cafe Europa was a stop on our first date and I like their court yard, so that's where we settled in. We were one of only two other people out there and it was quiet and peaceful and the sun felt good on my neck. We ordered mussels in cream sauce with frites and crab dip with Parmesan pita squares. Mussels in cream sauce always remind me of a French cafe and a big glass of beer and what's more romantic than that? We drank our beer and ate our mussels and it felt right. As I sat there drinking in the warmth of the sun and my Kronenbourg I thought, this is where I've always wanted to be. In that comfortable knowledge of knowing you're being exactly who you are and it's ok.


                                                       I feel lucky to have finally found that.

Gypsy Slow Down

Gypsy Slow Down
                                                                Happy Valentines Day <3

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